How does it work?

Real pizza, hot and fresh from your own oven!

Preheat the oven or BBQ to 230c

Add toppings to your pizza

Cook for 6-8 minutes

Eat. Enjoy. Repeat

What makes Hank’s so good?

Sick and tired of sweaty, soggy traditional pizza delivery services? Now you can cook real pizza at home in just minutes! 

Choose from one of our most popular combos, or build your own perfect box by mixing and matching as many bases and toppings as you like. Oh… we do desserts and drinks too! 

Our pizza bases and toppings are delivered cold packed so that all you have to do is finish building your pizza and cook on high heat for 6-8 minutes. Cut. Eat. Enjoy. Repeat.

Hank’s bases freeze perfectly for 12 weeks, so you can always keep that emergency stash on hand.